Ruth Torres for District 5 and Dallas.
Capable. Ethical. Servant Leader.


The City of Dallas must face the fierce urgency of now to deliver strategic, transformational and balanced results for economic development, culture change and accountable leadership, NOW.

I have hope and a vision for the future, a future culture of mutual respect, unity and equity, recognizing we are one body and the suffering of any part of our body is eventually detrimental to us all.

What does that vision look like?

  1. It means strategic and balanced solutions promoting a culture of mutual respect, unity and equity throughout the city in practical and impactful ways.
  2. It means strategic, environmentally responsible economic development promoting local start-ups while continuing to attract relocating businesses with balance for worker rights and livable wages.
  3. It means dramatically increasing affordable housing which promotes quality of life, transitioning people from dependency on subsidized housing into self-sufficiency and home ownership.
  4. It means workforce development to attract new businesses and invest on people so we spend less on prison.
  5. It means enabling law enforcement culture change with resources to recruit and retain officers to truly serve and protect all residents, improve response times and community relations.
  6. It means access to affordable healthcare based on transparency enabling informed and protected consumers.
  7. It means implementing greater measures to ensure ethical, accountable and transparent leadership that is committed to SERVING the community first and last.

Achieving these goals will take collaborative effort, not just the City Council, but committed organizations and citizens to have meaningful dialogue united in these common goals. Please, GET INVOLVED!