Ruth Torres for Pleasant Grove and Dallas.
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Economic Development

Strategic economic development that equitably benefits everyone is fiercely urgent, NOW. Dallas must promote local start-ups while continuing to attract relocating businesses by addressing talent gaps, dramatically increasing affordable housing, and resolving infrastructure issues.

More Details:

Economic development must be committed to equally supporting business and community interests providing responsible incentive distribution while incorporating the recommendations from the North Texas Regional Housing Assessment, including shifting to mixed-use developments while being environmentally responsible. Mixed-use developments must attract and leverage socially responsible businesses, support local entrepreneurship and a diverse community to improve the quality of life in District 5 and Dallas.

  1. As Dallas continues the work to ensure access to quality education, we must work with business and community leaders to PROTECT public education and develop innovative work force development strategies to provide the talent businesses need.
  2. We must facilitate industry and community leaders to address the Dallas housing and urban crisis to mark District 5 as a diverse, family centered community with access to food, medical care, and family oriented activities.
  3. Dallas has given away millions in financial incentives while waiving HUD allocations for low-moderate income units disproportionately benefiting the privileged few with impunity as these contracts have no to minimal performance requirements and no to minimal enforcement of contractual breaches. All contracts should incorporate measurable goals with rewards and penalties specified.
  4. Let’s bring a mixed sporting facility to District 5 with facilities designed for the entire family, from youth to elderly.
  5. Let’s take one of the two libraries, expand it and its community programs offering family centered activities centered on music, dance and theater.
  6. Let’s plant a community garden, improve grocery offerings and attract family friendly restaurants.
  7. The distribution of infrastructure funding is clearly disproportionate and adverse to the districts street conditions and lack of sidewalks which significantly affects the growing elderly and disabled populations causing isolation. The argument of historical lack of this infrastructure is not a justification to maintain the status quo but reveals a lack of respect and regard for this community.