Ruth Torres for District 5 and Dallas.
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Culture Change

There is an urgent need for a culture change in Dallas, change that can only be accomplished TOGETHER.

" When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression."       Clay Shirky

We must no longer be satisfied in maintaining a status quo of marginalized and disenfranchised populations. Resolutions and adoption of task-force recommendations alleging a desire to be welcoming and foster equity fail to “walk the talk”  in application, making it clear these statements are strictly symbolic and lacking in commitment.

I have hope and a vision for the future, a future culture of mutual respect, equity and unity; recognizing we are one body and the suffering of any part of our body is eventually detrimental to us all.

More Details:

For starters, we must implement true culture change to reverse the historic and systematic inequities which exist in Dallas by actually “walking the talk” on becoming a welcoming and equitable community implementing policies and promoting public art which reflect mutual value, respect and unity for all Dallas residents.

Additional culture change is necessary within law enforcement, to support criminal justice reform, worker rights and resident services.

  1. Support DPD with resources, improve results with transparency and accountability to all the communities they serve. DPD needs the resources to recruit and retain its officers. DPD has serious staff shortages caused primarily by pension issues which have negatively impacted response times and reduced visibility in the community. Ruth is currently serving on Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall’s Community Advisory Board.
  2. We must celebrate and recognize the majority of officers that are serving and protecting without bias and change the “blue line” to one where officers hold themselves and each other accountable proactively to mitigate tragedies affecting everyone. Dallas can afford no more lose of life, of residents or officers. Ruth understands the dynamics at play in a personal way and can bring a balanced,results-oriented approach to contribute to solutions which promote improved officer accountability and community relations.
  3. Invest in people and we will spend less on prison. We must support criminal justice reform by focusing on reducing recidivism through workforce development, drug treatment and transitional programs enabling greater ability to become contributing members of society. A population of Dallas residents fail to report criminal activity against them because of immigration status. We must make it safe to report criminal activity without fear of retaliation.
  4. Employees are the greatest asset of any business. Reputable and responsible employers comply with laws and know their workers need to be protected and competitively invested in by providing living wages, reasonable paid-time off and access to affordable healthcare. There is a significant issue in Dallas and nationally that doesn’t get much attention, mis-classification of workers to avoid compliance with the Affordable Care Act, unemployment and workers compensation regulations which rob workers with little enforcement and long-wait times for the few that do utilize existing limited venues. This is an issue I am personally committed to and has been fighting in court since July 2016.
  5. Dallas’ commitment to being a welcoming community must be more than symbolic words on a page. Census 2020 will have far reaching impact. It is in the entire city’s best interests to ensure everyone will be safely counted.
  6. Dallas residents need increased access to affordable medical care. While the Affordable Care Act battle is on-going and concerning, the truth is ACA negates to address the root issue, the fact that the healthcare industry operates in a way unlike any other good or service purchased because consumers have no idea of the cost nor have an ability to compare value among providers. Healthcare costs will be more controlled when the industry becomes transparent enabling informed and protected consumers.
  7. We are BETTER TOGETHER. Dallas should develop an annual Together Dallas event which brings the entire community together to celebrate our differences and commonalities.