Ruth Torres for District 5 and Dallas.
Capable. Ethical. Servant Leader.

Accountable Leadership

All elected officials are responsible for making decisions which are for the best interests of the entire community increasing transparency, being ethical, engaging with and respecting the community.

More Details:

Government corruption is not new to Dallas, nor reserved for the few high-profile recent cases. As much as many would prefer to ignore the ugly truth, there is far too much opportunity for abuses in politics making even the best intentions vulnerable to temptations of power and wealth. Existing laws and policies are minimal and far too easy to hide corruption. Dallas needs to implement reform to increase transparency and reduce corruption vulnerabilities.

#EthicsMatter We can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. We must not elect someone just because they look like us, grew up with us or are in the same political party but rather elect the most qualified candidates based on character and capability. If we ignore unethical actions and conflicts of interest prior to election, get a bag to carry all the extra excuses that will need to be made during the term.

Community Engagement  isn't just for election time but also involvement in the issues prior to decisions and in holding elected officials accountable for those actions. People will vote when they experience that all politicians are NOT the same and their voice really does matter.