Ruth with her kids, left to right: Jermain, Tonya, Kayla, Ruth, Lara & Calvert.

Ruth is a single parent of five, (three lost biological mothers to illness). Ruth’s and her children’s multi-racial background along with mothering children of a police officer, ignited a passion to address social-economic, education and criminal justice issues with a balanced, respectful approach.

Raised in poverty, abuse, foster care and homeless programs in the inner cities of Chicago and Miami, Ruth Torres went from being a 10th grade dropout and single mother to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Business from Dallas Baptist University, Master’s degree in International HR Management, Mediation and SPHR certifications.

Ruth is CEO and SR HR Transformation Consultant of The HR Doctor, LLC. (W/M/DBE, HUB certified). (, entrepreneur, adjunct business professor, lecturer, author and Executive Director for Successful Careers (501(c)3) an academic intervention and motivation program for at-risk youth. (

Originally from Chicago, raised in Miami, Ruth originally relocated to Dallas in 1997 for employment with Viacom Retail Group, a division of Viacom, Inc.

Political Affiliation:  Independent. I advocate on the issues, representing people not a party.

Activism: I have over 20 years of service in education, youth, workforce development, social justice and outreach. A few specifics:

Political Development/ Membership:

  • Member, Christians In Public Service, Leadership Training
  • Member, Texas Organizing Project & BCLI (Boards & Commissions Leadership Institute)

Police & Safety:

  • Volunteer, City of Dallas, Police Chief Hall’s Community Board
  • Building relationship with SE DPD Major and staff, completed ride along shift
  • Participant in DPD Citizen’s Review Board providing suggestions for balanced accountability & transparency
  • Advocate/ Attendee, Supporting First Responders, attend funerals of police officers
  • Advocate/Participant, supporting responsible gun legislation (background checks & mental health checks, enforcement of protective orders)


  • Volunteer, City of Dallas, Board of Adjustment
  • Advocate / Speaker, supporting equitable economic development & affordable housing
  • Participant, 2 years on project- North Texas Regional Housing Assessment Project by UTA providing recommendations.
  • Met with City leaders in Homeless Solutions to discuss 4 pillar plans.
  • Volunteer/Supporter, Dallas Life, Center of Hope, Pregnant teens shelter, family homeless shelter

Workforce Development:

  • Developer of Successful Careers Workshops, “My Work” Ministry for adults, (7 week program with devotions).
  • Successful Careers: 501c3 for at-risk youth
  • Successful Careers: In Transition (book on Amazon for adults)

Workers Rights/ Government Corruption:

  • Personally fighting for worker’s rights & against Government corruption, currently pending before TX 5th Court of Appeals &  TX Supreme Court.

Social Justice / Equitable Culture:

  • Advocate/ Attendee, Black Lives Matter
  • Participant of National Day of Racial Healing.
  • Advocate/ Speaker supporting teen curfew absent criminalization.
  • Advocate/ Speaker supporting removal of and replacement of statutes which portray symbol of unity & mutual respect- future desired.
  • Advocate / Speaker supporting bond reform and provided recommendations on process map.

Youth & Education:

  • Volunteer, Juvenile Jails (6 years)
  • Volunteer, PTSA (various schools)
  • EESAC Board Member, Education Board
  • Volunteer, Project Turn-Around Advisory Board & Community Outreach
  • Speaker- Career Advisement, Parental Advocacy, Take Stock In Children
  • Volunteer/Mentor/Speaker- Career Advisement, various boards & youth homeless shelters
  • Executive Director, Successful Careers, Academic Intervention & motivation program for at-risk youth.
  • Advocate/ Speaker, Dallas ISD, various issues, opposing charter schools absent written standards, accountability & transparency.


  • Volunteer, Deputy Voter Registrar
  • Volunteer, Canvasser/ Poll Worker
  • Worker, Human Resources –GOTV Campaign 2018

Other Serving Activities:

  • Volunteer, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Outreach, Christian Education, choir, drama, special events
  • Volunteer, Disaster Recovery Projects in S. Florida, New Orleans, Red Oak/Glenn Heights, Beaumont
  • Various fundraisers / walks including Breast Cancer 3 day/60 mile


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