ELECT TORRES FOR DISTRICT 5   Qualified. Ethical. Servant Leader. 

I’m a single mom and business woman that will fight for District 5’s improved safety, our fair share of economic development and quality of life.

I am seeking election to represent PEOPLE, not a party. I believe Dallas can be stronger and BETTER TOGETHER with qualified, ethical servant leaders making decisions that provide equity and inclusion. With a total of almost 10 years in Dallas, I moved to District 5 because I recognized its potential and need for strong advocacy on the issues, issues I have already been serving on.

I offer new energy and vision and a broad range of experience and skills in over 20 years of combined volunteer work serving on issues such as workforce development, juveniles and homeless, affordable housing and social justice issues. As an Adjunct Business Professor for over 6 years, I taught thousands of students management and entrepreneurship skills.

I bring fresh ENERGY, vision and ability to bring people together for inclusive, balanced solutions.

It’s time for equitable funding infrastructure, affordable housing and workforce development to improve the quality of life throughout the city. #NoMoreStatusQuo

It's time for ethics and accountability because the rules apply MORE to leaders, not less. #EthicsMatter

District 5 is ready for a Better Together Dallas. 

Economic Development

Its past time for District 5's fair share of investment and development with strategic, environmentally responsible economic development that equitably benefits the entire community, promotes local start-ups while attracting more diverse businesses via workforce development, affordable housing and infrastructure.

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Culture Change

#NoMoreStatusQuo The quality of life should be equal throughout the city. District 5 is due improved safety & police response times, access and services for our aging population and activities for youth and families.

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Accountable Leadership

All elected officials should be held accountable to produce results which are for the best interests of the entire community with transparency, engagement with and respect for community and ethics as those in positions of power are more accountable, not less. #EthicsMatter

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Get Involved!

YOU make all the difference. YOUR voice counts, not just at election time but throughout governance. Connect and support the campaign financially or volunteer! Contribute your ideas and let me know what board you are interested in contributing to.